1974 XJ6 rear suspension ID

I have a 1974 XJ6 rear suspension in my 1948 Chevy Panel Truck. I am trying to identify the stub axle type (A or B). What I have found is that there is an “S” associated with the serial number that will indicate the type. However I have no serial number. Some one told me that 1974 was an early series II, so it would be type A. Can anyone confirm that to be true?

74 is an early S11 but could be from a SWB or LWB, any chance of know the dona car chassis #? might help knowing the gear ratio as well…so what do you need to do on the axle?

The tag on the differential says 3.07.
I’m rebuilding the rear suspension and want to get the right parts.

That number would be the gear ratio. Wish I could help with the type. Salisbury or Dana 44 but Idk… Somebody here will know :+1:

Salisbury has a drain plug, Dana does not.

a 3.07 dif ratio was for north american market - auto trans - pre 1982, so a later model LWB, as jay suggested - check drain plug