1976 XJS Trigger Board

I am working on getting a 1976 XJS up and running. It’s currently able to start, but it’s VERY rough with lots of backfiring. There are a number of issues I am chasing down, so it’s hard to know yet what all is happening, but I am starting with a top end overhaul. I am replacing ignition parts (plugs, wires, coil), testing all injectors and replacing fuel lines and filter. Also, I am overhauling the distributor, which brings me to my question about the trigger board. My board seems to have some damage to the black coating on the top of the board. When I did have it running (badly), the injectors were all firing, but not sure if they were firing correctly. Do I need to replace this board? is there a way for me to “recoat” it with some epoxy or something? It’s a pricey and hard to find part, so I’d love to not have to replace it if I can help it. Attached is a picture of the board with damage. Thanks for any help on this!

You’re unlikely to get out of this cheaper than a new $250 trigger board. SNG Barratt UK | Keeping your Jaguar on the road

If cost is no concern, SNG Barratt sells ReOpus for about a $1k that replaces everything with an Opus-looking repackaging of the later CEI ignition. It’s great.

Another option is to get an entire rusty XJS for $100 and steal the CEI from that. If such XJSs still exist.

If your trigger board worked at one time or works now it will eventually not work.

Good luck with the car!

Thanks @John6, that’s sort of what I was thinking too, so thank you for validating. I am also thinking about this Pertronix kit option; it looks like it replaces the board plus the rest of the distributor. Any thoughts on it? Thanks!

Not super familiar but., The trigger board is for the fuel injection isn’t it?. Petronix replaces the ignition part, but leaves nothing for the fuel injection ECU. I thought the early V12s had basically a six cylinder injection system twinned, and the trigger board tells injection which side of the engine is the six cylinders is triggering.