1977 XJ6 Coupe with 360 Dodge

Did anyone make a kit for this engine or is this a one off?

Far as I know, the only difference between that, and the standard XJ6, would be the length of the prop shaft. Everything else would be the same as the other cars, vis-à-vis a kit.

I have seen these Jaguars in terrible condition sell for way more than I’m asking.

I wonder how long that will be on craigslist… :slight_smile:

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California tags!!!

I am not awareof a kit for a Mopar installation.

Plenty of power.

Great interior.

Not a fan of vinyl roofs. Nr of white cars,
witht hat interior, red sure would stand out!!

Asking at 16K? Less might just get it.

Not in my budget tough.

Mine runs!!


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