1984 XJ6.0 Turbo

I’m not seeing the photos here, did you let them upload?

I see them all…?

I can’t take credit for the diff mounting, Greg In France came up with the idea.

Looks like they are hosted on a site that is blocked for me,i.ibb.co

That’s too bad, perhaps try a different computer/connection? I use imgbb.com for photo hosting, free and easy to use.

You realise you can just upload the photos here and we host them for you?

I didn’t know that, but I do post on multiple forums. It’s easier for me to just format a big post in Notepad and then paste everywhere rather than hosting individually.

I am not much of a car show person as I prefer to be around cars when they’re in motion, but my family enjoys these events so I decided to compromise:

Unfortunately the steering rack leak is not getting any better on its own, so I’ll be killing two birds with one stone and dropping the front subframe to replace the control arm bushings and subframe mounts while I’m at it. Wish me luck on the steering rack rebuild…


Nice! gotta love the turbo whistle!
i had a local company, Phoenix Rack and Axle, rebuild my rack with a lifetime warranty. wasn’t terribly expensive, IIRC

Using a shop sounds like the way to go - but I’m not sure there are any local services for this.