1986 XJ6 Rear into1997 XJ6

I’ve got a 1997 XJ6 that has some major issues and I’m gonna have to replace most or all of the rear end. I’m in Alaska and parts are hard to find, but I just found a guy here wanting to get rid of his 1986 XJ6. I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with it, but i want to make sure if i do decide to take it off his hands that it’s worth it. Does anybody know if a 1986 XJ6 rear will “fit” a 1997 XJ6? Don’t wanna jump the gun on this.

Nope, sorry, won’t fit

1986 vs 1997 are different suspension and rear end designs entirely


Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

Or, go the other way around.

Fix the 86, dump the 97???

Don’t know what part of your great state you live in. but, there are/were a couple of guys well versed in older Jaguars there.
Names not quite clear in my head. Each posted here regularly.


You might be thinking of Bill De Creeft, bush pilot out of Homer and once-upon-a-time Aston Martin racer.

Bill hasn’t posted in 5-6 years and I think he was in his 80s…so I fear the worst.

I recall some enjoyable conversations


Yup, he is one of them. I’ve also had that thought. Bill and
I shred the title of “oldest guys” at the time.

Kassaq? is the other. Memory jogged. .



I’m there with Doug, It won’t “just bolt in” Can you make it work? sure anything is possible. Jag IRS and IFS are extremely popular with the hot rodding crowd. Is it an easy fab? Nope.

Correct me if I’m wrong (people), the XJ40 Jaguar Sovereign 87-94 (US spec XJ6) uses the same IRS and the X300, which I believe would be a direct swap. Though if you come across one with the V12. I’d dump the '97 and put effort into the XJ40. That’s just me though.

Bill is doing well. Here he is (center) on Veterans Day just a few weeks ago.

Thanks for the good news !


Correct–Tom Hishon; very nice guy and I think he’s posted on the new site. Tom has an XJ6 and an E-type, and visits Saint Louis occasionally with both.

Thanks guys.

Glad to get the update with good news.