1986 XJS 5.3 V12 Lucas ignition - fuel injected - ECU LRZ119A

I am searching for a spare ECU for my car. If you know of anyone who has one for sale, please let me know. The ECU part number is LRZ119A.

I would also like to ask if there is a ECU repair shop that could test/repair my ECU that may be the cause of my car running rich and stalling from over-fulling.

The Coolant Temp sensor was just replaced

Thanks you

Sorry - 5.3L not 5.5

Corrected for you :slight_smile:

sounds like identical problem I had with my ECU over a year ago…excessive rich, would foul the plugs within 5 minutes.

AJ6 Engineering in the UK is the only place I found/trusted to test/repair it. Mine ended up having a bad analog to digital chip. Took 3 months turnaround, as he’s quite busy and semi-retired.

The cost is about the same as buying a used one, which you have no idea what you’re getting.

Thanks Greg - I will check out their website

Thanks Robin for for the fix - I need some good luck to get my car fixed next

Remember, a bad connector or wiring has the same effect as a bad CTS.

Got it - we did replace the connector to the sensor - There are a couple of DAC3586 ECUs for sale on ebay and i may take a chance and buy one before I send mine to the UK for repair - thanks

I have two DAC3586. If you like, contact me thru my e-mail address shown on my website.
SD Faircloth www.jaguarfuelinjectorservice.com

Update –

I did buy the spare - DAC 3586 ECU - from Jaguar Fuel Injector Service which when recently installed, did get my car running well again.

It’s not running Rich, over fueling or stalling now with this spare ECU like it did with the old original ECU.

Patrick at The Gas Menagerie who has been working on the car said he also checked the O2 sensor which had very weak readings and we do plan to replace these sensors soon.

FYI - I did send my original ECU to BBA Reman Co. for Test/repair and they informed me that they are not set-up to test/work on this type of Unit.

I do plan to send my original ECU to AJ6 Engineering to be tested/repaired.

Thanks for all your help