1988 XJ40 fog light question

I am in the midst of setting up the front fog lights and want to know if anyone can tell me the thread size bolts i need to use the standard mounting holes that are in the front bumper already ?

According to the parts catalogue, the fog lamp bracket is held on to the front bumper by screw FS106201J
That translates in to a metric flange head screw (i.e threaded to full length) of 6mm diameter and 100mm long.


Hi Mark
im about to do the same. I was amazed to see the switch is there below the blank cover - inc the background light and led status bulb. just need to buy the little cover.
the wiring i also found but not sure i can get to them without taking the bumper off. seems few cars had the front fog lights particularly``in the early years

Thanks again Bryan , you have helped me out AGAIN , true champion .

Yep , i also read that if you don’t use the fog lights for the rear that the switch used for them can be shifted and fitted to the front switch in the centre of the panel .

The cover for the fog light switch i found on ebay https://www.ebay.com/p/1978110771