1988 XJS-C misterious cable

XJS-C (for me) misterious cable
Hello to everybodies from Italy, I have recently bought a 1988 XJS-C targa originally from USA, in Italy since 1999 not running for the last twelve. With some difficulties we were able to restart the engine after changing oil and plugs. Just near the distributor (Lucas) we noticed the cable in the picture below. It is broken but i do not understand what is it for. I have looket at the jaguar orginal spare part cataglogue (model year 1987 on) but I haven’t seen anythig similar. Could anyone help me?

On the other hand wandering around the net I found this picture and this cable seems to be linked to a part (arrow) which is completely missing in my engine and which I do not find anywhere in the catalog. Could anyone help me?

The cable is used for cruise control, and is attached to the gas pedal. The part missing from your car is the vacuum operated bellows, which pulls on the cable and gives you cruise control!
The part No for the C/C actuator is DAC 5964. Good luck with your new car, and welcome to the Forum.

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Many thanks for the OEM code because on the original Jaguar spare part Catalog I didn’t find anythig about it. I’ll try to find it!