1989 Jagaur XJS, transmission upper cooler line

(Include at least one picture)

Description: transmission upper cooler line

Asking price (if selling): Negotiable

Location: Anywhere in the US

Contact information:

Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide?

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I have a few if you still need one. Give me your offer and zip code.



For a used hose will you take $60 with shipping (02176) and payment with PayPal?

What is the year of your car ? I will pull one off and get you photos so that you can make sure they match. You are talking about the upper transmission cooling line from the transmission to the radiator ? I’ll also need a phone number (cell) to send photos.



My XJS is a 1989. I would like to switch to private email since I don’t want my cell# phone out in the public.
Thanks Joe

my private e-mail is sjniznik@msn.com

Did you ever find this item?
I have an NOS oil cooler line but I’m not sure if it fits.
Do you have a pic of it?
If you do, can you send it to my phone @ 650-455-1110.
I think the package has a part number on it.
I rarely check my computer so please contact me via text or voice.

i did text you the info you requested.

I don’t think I ever got the text/pic.
My computer is currently functional so either way work for me.
I think my NOS oil line has a part number.
Do you have that info?
I’ll check on that tomorrow.

Here is a copy.
I don’t have a part number for the hose.
I think I just went to a local auto supply and tried on the fittings from Summit Racing to various size hoses till I found the correct one.