1989 XJS Rouge Jaguar

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Does anyone know how rare is the 1989 Rouge XJS??

Very RARE. The Rouge XJS in the US are all 1990.
Just a special trim package; no structural changes.

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But mine is a 89 I have all records from day 1

1989 titled or 1989 produced?
And if the former, is it really rouge-trimmed?

Is your 5th character in the VIN a “T”?
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The fifth is Y goes SAJTY

My car was built 6/89

If the 4th digit is T then it is a special edition.
The 5th digit Y means its a USA model with passive seat belts.

So does that mean its rare???

So does that mean its rare???

It doesn’t really matter. It’s not valuable. And if what makes it unique is that
it’s really a 1989 when virtually all Rouge Editions were 1990, good luck
finding a buyer that could care less.

– Kirbert

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I saved it from being crushed 84,000 mi. Paper work from day one super shape 300.00 put another 3,000 in it and I drive it every day


I have a friend who owns a black one.

They were all signal red originally

Yep, and if you remove certain paneling, this one is too :slight_smile:
Great repaint though.

Strange this should pop up Today someone on Face Book asked the same question
Although popular belief has it only 100 were built However having created a Data Base there were 368 built
from 23rd May 1989 to 10th April 1990 First Vin 162233 last Vin 167983 covers a range of 5,750 XJS’s

I believe they were all coupe’s, no conv