1990 sovereign driver's seat pressure switch?

Wondering if someone can confirm what the circled item is. This appears in the powered seats section (Fig 17) of the “Sedan Range 1990 MY” electrical schematics. The look of it says pressure switch, like I would need to be sitting in the driver’s seat to close the contact.

Um…well, would/do you? Not so with my '94 model, cannot say for the '90 model.

I’m working on an issue with the driver’s seat fore and aft movement, during which sometimes I am not seated when attempting to move the seat because I am standing outside the car. Just trying to make sure I am accounting for everything. Guess I’ll just remove the cushion and see if I can find any such device.

Is that the seat belt warning light switch ? On my car if I place something heavy on the passenger seat the warning light will illuminate on Dash, same thing must apply to the drivers seat.

I looked at the schematic for the passive restraint system, and no such switch shows up. I believe the seat belt light is controlled by the proximity switch in the passive restraint circuits.