1990 Vanden Plas rear self leveling suspension

How can you tell if the rear self leveling suspension system is working on a 1990 Vanden Plas?

I expect I could well be talking complete bullsh1t here, however:

  • establish from the owners manual if it is electrically controlled, in which case there will be a fuse
  • place a heavy weight/s in the boot and check the response with the fuse in place and with the fuse pulled. You will need the ignition “on”

If electrically controlled the car will sag with the fuse pulled.

Welcome to our group! Frank or David will be along and they will likely know for sure. Paul.

Welcome to the forums Joe, Just FYI I have moved your post to the correct forum, the 1990 car is a totally different beast to the S1,11 and 111 models.

If your self leveling system is not working then I would think that it would sag when you place a heavy bag in the boot (trunk)

I have more info about the rear suspension than I care to remember.
I HATED that system and had to deal with them daily.
Some .PDFs are too large to upload to this form but might be on GUS’s site because I send them to him at least a decade ago.
(S-73 is TOO large)
3-154 Ride Level Conversion.pdf (24.1 KB)
64-14 Delete rear self leveling.pdf (108.8 KB)

Thank you Robin,

Apricate the help.


Great info, thank you.

No problem Joe, Just FYI you can reply to numerous post in the single reply, saves typing multiple replies/posts.