1990 XJS V12 coup keys

Unfortunately, the keys for my 1990 XJS V12 were stolen which means that I have no ignition key, the trunk (boot) is locked, and the fuel door is locked. I had a new set of keys cut ($150) by a key cutting company recommended by the Jaguar dealership in Edmonton, AB; however, the keys do not work. Recommendations please!

The cost of $150 for a set of keys that don’t work, and now you’re looking for alternative solutions. I’d be contacting the key company, not this forum.

I’m in Australia….lost my Jag keys. An email to Jaguar in Coventry UK with my vin number ( should be on your rego papers) they provided the correct key codes and the were cut in Wagga Wagga the same day. Perfect fit.

pknellie, thanks for the reply and as a result, I know that if all steps are followed, the keys will work. That’s exactly what I did–contacted Jaguar in the UK with the vin number and received the correct key codes and provided those details to the recommended key cutter. Obviously, an error was made at some point in the process.

Well, having lost the only key to my '00 XJ8 some time ago (and not having the key cut code for it), I thought I was screwed. :rage: I has asked on here before whether a dealership can cut a replacement key based on the VIN #, but seems members were avoiding that question like the plague. :grimacing: When I thought I had lost one of my XJ40 keys many years ago I tried calling the local Jag dealerships here (I think we only had 3 of them back then, instead of the current 4) and, even if they could do that, none of them had a Tibbe key cutting machine anymore. :grimacing:

Well, good news for my XJ8 this time around (and I meant to post about this last week), I called the new Jag dealership here in Frisco and told them my dire situation. They said that their particular dealership did not have access to the VIN databank to be able to do that for me (made it sound like they were not permitted to), but that there was some other way they could work around it, a process which eventually would require something being sent off to the U.K. to finalize the quest. :exploding_head: After I told them I can’t wait that long, they told me to contact the parts dept. of another local Jag dealership, and they believed that dealership could accede to my original request.

So, I called the other dealership (the flagship location for our area, IIRC) and someone in the parts dept. told me that they indeed had access to the VIN databank there, and could look up my key code through same. Even better, they did have a Tibbe cutting machine and “one old guy” there that knows how to use it. :joy: I gave the worker Harlem’s VIN #, and he said that, although they were out of that particular blank, they would order one and it would be there in a couple of days. I prepaid for the job (almost $120.00) and they called me yesterday to say the key was in. I just need to come by when the “old guy” is there (he only works like 20 or so hours a week) and he will cut it, and I’ll be on my way. :+1: Will be doing that next week. I just wish I had known about this many months ago after I had first lost her original key (actually, I entrusted it to someone to work on her, since Harlem had stopped starting on me, and it was that person that lost it. :angry: ).