1991 sovereign leaking steering gear

Like the title says. Trying to source replacement part for this. Or find a part number so I know where to begin. I believe (via my research) that it is not the ZF version. Also…if I can find a replacement, is it possible to replace the “green blood” with traditional power steering fluid? I’ve converted the sls with standard suspension, so the only system that is using the hydraulic oil is the steering. Thanks so much for any input!
1991 Daimler Sovereign 4.0

REMOVE the front pump mounted to the engine, remove the hydraulic actuators and pressure regulator assy and just run a single hose to the PAS pump.

You will need to blank-off the return hose barb on the reservoir that is no longer being used by the SLS pump. (or obtain a reservoir ‘EXCEPT SLS’ or non ride level CCC2789)


And for what it’s worth I believe that at some point (1992?) Jaguar superseded to ZF replacements for all steering racks as the in-service experience with the previous manufacture proved unsatisfactory. The ZF units proved to be far more reliable and longer lasting. In my opinion it is worth finding a ZF unit if replacing an earlier one.

I was under the impression that the ZF units weren’t a direct “plug and play” replacement for the older units.

I was able to find a rebuilt rack with a lifetime warranty from a company in Detroit. We have a jag guru(Earl Gibbs) in town(Cleveland) that I’m able to get the HSMO from. I’ll just pick up a few bottles from him, and trust the new part won’t allow it to leak out.

I think you are right about the ZF’s not working in the earlier cars, a pal tried to hook one up and found the steering wheel shaft angle is cockeyed and O/O/L so the ZF’s don’t line up.

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That’s what I thought.