1993 XJ-S Radio Problems

Has anyone recently sent an original 1993 XJS radio (Alpine, I believe, Jag model AJ 9150W) out for a rebuild. Mine has ceased functioning and is displaying gibberish on the small LED screen. I can’t seem to locate anyone doing rebuilds these days. If not, has anyone done an recent install themselves of a newer radio with Bluetooth, and any particulars would be most appreciated.

Any single-din unit will fit fine, many have done it. Here are some pics but my car is pre-facelift so yours might be a bit different…

Any single DIN will fit. Very easy to splice the wires you’ll need for the conversion and you’ll be surprised at how much you will enjoy connecting your phone to the radio over bluetooth!

I would suggest heading over to Crutchfield and looking through their offerings. You can filter the list to whatever accessories you like. For instance, I needed to make sure it was SiriusXM compatible, decided that it should have a built in HD-FM receiver (because why not), and at the time wanted an accessible aux port…which I don’t believe I’ve ever used.

It’s pretty tight in there, so if you decide on a head unit that isn’t capable of playing CDs, you may find it much more shallow hence easier to install.

I’d stick to the big brand names, Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, JVC, etc.

Alternatively, you could also go over to a Best Buy or something and see the limited options they’ll have for you there. Crutchfield does go the extra mile with customer service, so if you think you’ll need help, then between this forum and them, you will be in great hands.

Just don’t do a search using the car, it may place some strange limits on what it thinks will fit.

Also, you’ll be surprised how badly you probably need to replace your speakers. They are likely original, and well over 30 years old at this point.

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Vkay and Bob,

Thanks for the replies. I think I will opt for a new radio and install it myself. No need for a CD player so I can get a shorter DIN radio to give myself some room. Do you know if there is a wiring diagram that breaks down the existing wires in my car for splicing purposes?


Come back here when you’re ready. No shortage of people who have done this before.

I also ended up installing a small amplifier and…a powered subwoofer. The subwoofer was the best change I ever made. I don’t need anything to thump, but it is unbelievably nice to get the low notes.

powered subwoofer - (Kenwood KSC-SW11)
small amplifier (Alpine KTP-445U, later upgraded to KTA-30FW because the used amp I bought wasn’t working properly)

There is actually a guy here in Dallas (I think he’s a retired electronics tech) who has a little shop where he rebuilds/repairs car radios, esp. from the classics. He’s even had a couple of Jag radios on there … Very reasonable, too … His store is on Ebay … You might try searching for it, but if you can’t find it let me know as I think I have it under my “saved sellers” … :+1:

Speaking of which, I was just asking a tech friend of mine if there is anything we can put on our smart phones that allows whatever comes out of our speakers to be heard over the radio speakers … He said there is, but he didn’t mention 'Bluetooth" … ? :confused:

btw, I have been holding out forever to find another good used OEM unit for Superblue, since her drive belt is broke (cassette player) and now she has some other minor issues popping up (mostly the tiny green lights not lighting up) … The problem with our model Alpine units is they were only made for '93-'94 MY, IIRC. The newer units and older units won’t work … :frowning_face:

I had good luck with a company in the San Diego area that rebuilt some AM/FM radio/cassette units for my 1980’s Jaguar XJ6s. The company is called “La Jolla Audio”, 5151 Santa Fe St., Suite B, San Diego, CA 92109, phone (858) 373-0597. Gary is the technician and he knows a lot about the classic car stereo’s.


Bluetooth is pretty amazing. The phone auto connects every time you get in. If you set up the microphone correctly, handsfree calling is great. If you leave Siri active, you don’t even have to press a button to make a call, ask for weather…all reported back to you through the speakers. Not to mention music, apps like Spotify or SiriusXM… you’ll be amazed. Time to ditch the dinosaur radios…

Thanks. I was unable to find him under sellers on Ebay.

Veekay. Thank you, most helpful! Rick

Paul. I will give then a call. Thank you. Rick

Actually, I just searched myself and was able to find him. Looks like he is staying busier than ever, too, which surprises me … :open_mouth: Unfortunately, he has no refurbed Jaguar units for sale at this time, but here is one of his refurbed Mercedes units:

[Refurbished] 2003 2002 2004 MERCEDES C240 RADIO CD A2038202486 OEM AS61 Tape | eBay