1993 xj40 blower motor issues

Hi, I’ve got a 1993 xj40 sovereign and the blower motors don’t work at all all fuses are ok and I’m wondering where I should look for the issue wether it’s with the control knob or a relay or or the fans themselves

Welcome to Jag-Lovers! You unfortunately posted to the wrong forum. This is the list for the Series I, II, and III XJ6s and XJ12s. Your car is an entirely new design with little to nothing in common with our cars. I recommend that you post to the XJ40 list where you are more likely to get a knowledgeable response.


I have moved the post to the XJ40 list.

Rowan, welcome to Jag-lovers. I believe you are on the right track suspecting an issue with the control, as it could be a faulty microswitch. There is a lot of info in the archives about that, and here is how to find it. Select the search tool at the top right of the screen and enter (without the quotes) “XJ40 blower microswitch”:

You should receive a result like this: