1994 XJ40: Cooling Fans Not Working - RESOLVED

As always, whenever I resolve an issue I always report back to the board because without this board I never would have been able to fix it. My car has been sitting for about 3 years due to my laziness to reassemble it after cleaning out and disassembling the entire fuel system to include the fuel tank.

Once I got it back running I have had some issues. The cooling fans were not running due to to the fact that the plug that connects to the fan switch (DBC10013) was corroded and it disintegrated upon inspection. This is a problem area on the 93-94 cars as the protective shrink wrap deteriorates over time allowing water and corrosion to set in.

It took about three weeks to get this part as everywhere I checked it was out of stock. The other problem that I had was that there was no power getting to the harness of the relay for the fans. After replacing the fan switch plug-sourced from Welsh jaguar; and the fan switch there was still no power
to the harness itself. I checked and cleaned the ground on the driver front fender - still no power.

So then I took a break and prayed to the ancient Gods and got back to work. I then reinspected the fuse box as best I could per Jaglovers. I was unable to get the fuse box out of the car but because i was pulling on the wires it must have freed some corrosion and when I checked the harness again at the relay plug it now had power—problem solved.

As preventative maintenance (PM) anyone that has a 93-94 xj40 it would be wised to inspect the harness of the fan switch plug for corrosion and deterioration of the heat shrink. I replaced the heat shrink with marine heat shrink due to its resistance level to salt water, heat and other elements.

anyone attempting to do this repair for PM please inbox me as I have more tips that you may need with this repair…Thanks