1994 xj40 fuel pump issue

I have been having stalling, loss of power issues which were presented here under the topic “1994 xj6 almost didn’t get me home”. I tried all the suggestions offered here to no avail. Today my mechanic isolsated the issue. It appears the plastic cannister which houses the pump is defective. There is a well in the bottom of the canaster that holds a rubber bushing into which the output tube on the pump inserts. That well has cracked and no longer retains the bushing and tube so fuel pressure from the pump just blows the bushing out of that well loosing fuel pressure.
Now, can anyone help me identify by name or part number or in any way help me find a source for this part. I have not seen any replacement pump this includes this canister.
We have even considered removing the brass nippel on the outside of the canister and run a rubber tube with elbow from the pump through the hole where the brass piece would have been to the fuel line outside, but the nippel will only twist and not unscrew.
Again, any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. At this stage, nothing is too weird or crazy to try.

Can you do a plastic repair on the part? If you can’t locate a replacement, that’s the approach I would take.

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Gary, in my case that blue donut seal at the pump outlet burst so the fuel was flowing back into the canister creating a low pressure. My solution was, I removed the top of the canister, got rid of the seal and flattened that part. Then I drilled a hole directly above the pump outlet and bought a high pressure fuel injection hose and ran it directly to the outlet of the tank. In this case I bypassed the one way check valve. I bought one and installed it on the feed line.

Yes, a replacement is certainly the preferred fix but I would think they are as rare as hen’s teeth.
But I will still try. Thanks for replying.

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Not meant as a criticism, its just tidier to have things in a continuous post.
And I have the hens teeth sitting in my garage but freight would be the killer👿

Larry …

You asked “Can you do a plastic repair on the part?”

I’ve repaired so many parts on my Jag using adhesives and fiberglass that I’ve literally lost count. I take broken things on my car as a personal insult and refuse to be beaten :grinning: Your question peaked my curiosity so I researched repairing something that is immersed in fuel (fuel proof) as opposed to something being fuel resistant. Because for sure a repair would be the first thing I would consider here because of the nonavailability of the part.

It would appear that gasoline will eventually eat through almost all adhesives and fiberglass repairs (as far as my online searches revealed). Kind of like a virus in a horror movie.

Any GWKS (guys who know stuff) out there that can shed some light on this.

Just melt some similar stuff on with a soldering iron and file to shape if necessary. You could also pin, rivet/bolt/screw attach mechanically avoiding gas breaking down bonds, although “the right stuff” might hold up in this environment …belt and suspenders approach always best lol

Larry …

“Plastic welding” is a wonderful idea :ok_hand: i’ve had great success with it in past projects

By the way the instructions for the “Right Stuff” adhesive end with …

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Ok, thanks for that, I just figured as it (RT stuff) was the only thing that kept my high-level central brake light glued to the back screen it would work …DUH ! wrong!!

I have made a usrable repair using J B water weld. It’s not pretty but it should work. Strength wise, I have used it several times to repair the plastic levers on the interior door handles with never a failure. It is designed to be used in gas tanks among other things and is claimed to be impervious to most chemicals. I have high hopes.:smiley:

I hope your repair works, I think you would be very lucky to find a NOS cannister assy. Your post highlights how difficult it is becoming to get vital replacement parts for XJ40’s. Here in the UK, with the exception of regular service items / consumables, almost anything else is difficult to find, and in some cases impossible. A report in the JEC mag this month mentioned one guy who has been searching for an ABS wheel sensor for 3 months without success, and the square headlamps are also impossible to find.

Gary, did your repair work? What is the status of your car - good to go, impaired, or…?

No mike, the repair did not work. But after much searching I found one in a salvage yard in California at a price I could afford. The pump and cannister itself was so covered in rust slime to be useless but all I really needed was the blue cap to the cannister whiçh was fine. My mechanic is so busy to was several weeks before he could put it all back together. I got it back 2 weeks ago and it runs as good as ever.
Sorry I didn’t up date you before now but I was afraid I might jinx myself if I spoke too soon.
Again I thank you and all that offered suggestions. This group is awesome.

Gary, sorry the repair did not work but glad you found a serviceable ‘experienced’ part that got you going again. Thanks for the update.