1995 xj12 passenger engine bay wiring harness

I have a 95 xj12. Looking for passenger side engine bay wiring harness. My question is does anyone know if the xj6 harness work for the xj12. Trying to avoid soldering what I have

Are you talking about the one that is mostly under the fender in the wheel arch? Then yes, the 6 cylinder version works fine. Mine fell out of the fender and got caught on the wheel, ran it over and shredded it. A 6 cylinder harness from everdayxj.com worked perfect. Never did get the airbag light to go off though.

Exactly what happened to mine. I have a short window of models that will work. 95 and 96. Acquired vehicle on a trade. Battery not taking charge. Person who owned vehicle before has wiring harness back together but used wire caps. Alternator not charging battery properly. I figured that is my issue because the cords from alternator goes through that area.

Thank you for this information

Can find xj6 dime a dozen