1996 convertible jaguar xjs heat insulation front carpet

Hello, I recently bought a 1996 convertible jaguar xjs and have to replace the heat insulation carpet (left and right front side). These carpets are located underneath the floor carpet. However I cannot find neither the reference number of this part nor an oem item.
Is there somebody who could help please ? Thanks

I found this on the jaguar Land rover classic parts Web site


Thanks, apparently tjus item is no longer available…Any other idea please ?

Really if you can’t find new old stock or good 2nd hand. you will have to go bespoke. Try Aldridge trimmers in Birmingham they are excellent trimmers and have original jaguar pattern. Goodluck

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Thanks for your advice , it is the number 4 and 5 on the drawing you sent to me. How do you exactly name this item in English please ? Mat, foam carpet ?

Toeboard insulation. Or underlay

Thanks for your help. I quickly have had a look to Aldridge website I am pretty sure they will have these items. I will call them tomorrow.

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I would never say that anyone is willing to pay for this piece-of-moldy-dampy-crap located in the footwell, that’s probably why nobody is even thinking about selling “the genuine” product, but anyway…

Have a look at marine insulation mats - much better and non-flammable. You can cut it to size yourself. Alternatively pay someone to do it, just to get the joy and feeling of superiority. Example below:

The genuine insulation mats from Jaguar were sold-out from Coventry and used as a cladding in London’s Grenfell Tower. Just saying…

It is also worth to mention that there is a reason why your genuine mats are in poor condition


Thanks for your information and comments.

I recently installed new carpet in my 89 xjs conv. I completely removed the sound deading pad under the carpet, which looks like house carpet padding. I put down kilmat soundproofing and then Boommat. Boommat is thick, it is used for thermal protection and soundproofing. I got both off Amazon

Hi thanks. Could you please send me both Amazon Links please ?