1996 Facelift XJS 4.0 Jaguar part BEC8982 I Cannot find it anywhere

One broken and jury-rigged the other MIA along with rod on L/H side . Is there any alternative? I want to get my doors back together any Help would be appreciated.

Maybe indicate what this part is?

Its a plastic clip to connect some door lock rods.

Something that should be able to be 3D printed someday, I would hope!

You’ll have to call up Paul’s or Welsh or SNG and buy a used part.

Possibility that some other cars use same part… If you have pic of one maybe some body shop person might help you out

Go to a couple of your local auto parts store. Take the part with you, and they will probably find the same or similar part that will work for you just as well.

No luck NLA on all the usual parts places

Nope it is a Unique part

Does it have a spring in it or something? Like it’s supposed to do more than just hold a linkage together, it’s also supposed to absorb motion of some sort?

Take photo of it please may know someone who has on their parts car.

I tried making it out of a coat hanger rod so far so good .

Will not work as the slot in the plastic piece is to allow the key to return to normal my fix will not allow that so back to looking for the right part , bummer