1996 Jaguar XJs 4.0 ZF4HP24 transmission Valve body removal

OK, folks here is where I am at. Removed the valve body from the spare trans on my garage floor. So far so good everything looks spotless. However, when removing it I discovered 4 springs that are in between the valve body and the case.I cked with a magnet and there seem to be No balls behind them,They are all the same size I haven’t got a clue as to what they are for they do not show up on the exploded view of parts, Because I am going to install thhis one rebuilt into the car I think those springs are going to fall out as soon as I take the other valve body out .and how to keep them in place when reinstalling the new VB. I need some advice here. I plan on just changing out the speed sensor and two of the 4 solenoids Presure and the lockup ,(PO changed whole trans due to it going in and out of high gear.

Used in many makes, put "zf4hp24 transmission valve body diagram" into google and you will find loads of diagrams and discussions that may be of help.

Pics might help. I have a valve body out of the car that I could compare it with?

yea My question is I have 4 small springs sticking out of the main trans wher the valve body bolts too What are these springs for? and how to keep the buggers from falling out while I install new valve body.

I think you might be missing some rubber seals that help keep those springs in place? Hopefully someone more experienced with transmissions chimes in.

Could be useful. Not sure how your project ended up.