1996 Jaguar XJS 4 speed transmission

Who makes the transmission for the 96 4.0 XJS? Ford or Chevy? I got 2 different transmissions that is said to be installed in these cars GM 4L80 E the other is the ZF4HP24 ?

XJS 6-bangers come with the ZF box.
XJS V12 (94+) come with the 4L80e box.

'95-97 XJR (the supercharged AJ16) is the only Jag that I know, where the 6-cylinder engine is mated to a GM transmission.


None. ZF Friedrichshafen is a large German conglomerate.
For many years I thought that ZF is from Ferdinand von Zeppelin but checking in the Wikipedia recently, I saw this:

ZF = “Zahnradfabrik” = “Cogwheel Factory”

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I just got off the phone with a transmission expert and he said it could be a number of things that is causing erratic shifting one is it could be going into limp mode due to a bad Knock sensor which I have a Hard code on, (and a MO Fo to get at) also speed sensors, However, what bothers me is that the trans has a Whine which is no doubt planetary gears which condemns the trans anyway .

Good reading stuff about Friederichshafen. Learned some new stuff. Thanks Steve