1996 VDP sunroof part(s)

Im told by JP European that I would need PART NO. HNA1752AA - TILT AND SLIDE MECHANISM PARTS to repair my non working sunroof. Does anyone know where i might purchase it(them) ? Thanks

PART NO. HNA1752AA is the RIGHT side tilt/slide.
The dealer should still sell the parts but…

I remember when I was at the dealer 20 years ago, the parts were $83.00 per side.

About a decade ago the price jumped to about $300.00 per side!!!

Good luck.

13-39 Sliding Roof – Diagnosis & Repair.pdf (121.4 KB)

501-26 Sliding Roof – Diagnosis & Repair.pdf (108.4 KB)

The X300 and X308 are the SAME as far as parts go.


Thank you. I called the dealer in Anaheim and i was told it was an obsolete part and unavailable

Have a look here:


Thank you . I may have got lucky. Theres a parts car just up the street in Stanton, California and the owner is a Mancunian! Small world. Hes going to put a battery in the car and he will tell me if the parts are good