1996 xjs Transmission problem

1996 xjs 6 cylinder
I was driving on little rain and stop on a red light and that was it, stop working.
Any advice?

I would need more details.

The engine was running and the transmission failed? So the engine is running, the light turned green and you put your foot on the gas and the RPMs climbed, but the car didn’t go anywhere? Did you try reverse?

Please provide some details so people here can help.

Yes, I put my foot on the pedal and the RPMs climbed but did not do anything, try reverse and no luck. The transmission had no problems, no noise at all.

Have you checked the fluid level of the transmission - did you recently have the transmission serviced and possibly have lost fluid through a loose fitting transmission sump - sent 2/23/2021 2245hrs. EST USA.

You may be low on transmission fluid. First thing to check. And the members are right to see if you still have reverse. Beyond that, you may be looking at major service, even if it goes in reverse. Now, check the linkage from the transmission lever to the transmission itself. If a shift rod came loose, you cannot get into drive position.

Ho high rpms climbed? Was it literally on neutral or ypu haven’t tried? Maybe it went on 3rd limp gear? You can check linkage by looking under the car approx few inches from the middle of the door section.

There was some hose on my car, in the transmission tunnel that sprung a leak. Luckily I noticed it and ended driving it straight to a transmission shop. Sure enough, once I got there, after moving it to park, I was no longer able to get it back into gear.

I thought I recorded the failed part, but I seemed to have missed that.

It was the high pressure hose, which is NLA, so one had to be custom made.