1997 3.2 engine temperature and throttle cable question

Hi all I have a 3.2 1997 XJ, I’ve only had it 5 days now and all ready it’s costing me money :joy::joy:. Anyway I have two questions.
1- there are two cables that go to the throttle body on my auto XJ, one is the throttle cable but what is the other one for?

The second question is that the engine temperature never get close to half way. The faster you go the colder the engine temperature get. At 70 mph the needle is in the blue sector in start town traffic the needle will get close to half way but fall again as soon as you get going. Does this mean the thermostat has failed?
Cheers all and thank you for allowing me to join :grin:

I can all but promise it.

Rather common on the X300s


Cruise control perhaps?


Thanks for the reply Doug. I will get this replaced ASAP :+1:t2:

I think the second cable is for the kick down on the auto, when you depress the throttle the cable will pull into the outer sheath while it looks like the other cable is going to be pulled out?

Thanks for the reply. Do you know the correct procedure to adjust the kick down cable ?