1997 Jaguar XJ6 VP Value

I’ve come to the point I have to realistically downsize with 38 cars that are really nice. My love now is with Rolls Royces/Bentley.

I have an absolutely mint 97 XJ6 VP with only 37,000 miles (black/Cream). I have never seen any 95-97 XJ6 with lower miles, especially one close to the end of production as this one.

My question is what is a realistic asking price? I’m thinking about putting it on Bring A Trailer! I definitely wouldn’t put it on Craigslist, etc.as “those” people would think it’s work nothing!

Any suggestions appreciated.



Are you in the states
Pm me I’m interested

Would that be number 6 for you now? Share some pics when you get it!

Last year I paid 5300 for a perfect 96 VDP with just under 41K miles from an old timer leaving Florida. Older hi end cars generally don’t hold much value since its pretty much two thousand bucks if anything breaks. My AC crapped out and of course new tires, 3k. Love the car, but not a collector piece, just is what it is