1997 Jaguar xk8 warning problems stability control transmission and Traction control + e brake stuck

I have a Jaguar xk8 1997. It has Been sitting for a year in a half. It was siting because it was having troubles shifting and it would stall and not move, so we thought we had to replace the transmission. We didn’t want to spend the money so we parked it. I just charged the battery and started it. It said transmission failure, traction control fail, and stability control fail. Then the transmission warning went away??

So I was wondering if anyone new what I could do to fix it or if anyone else had this problem. Also the E-brake will NOT disingage. I know you have to pull all the way up and push the button in and release. I have tried it doesn’t work. Then when you pull the brake all the way up the button won’t go in as if something is in the way. I tried to remove the leather cover but it is sticked on. This is just happened so now I can’t move the car out of the tight garage so I can clean it or work on it. Anything dead back will help!

I meant to say fead back not dead lol

Have you tried reading the codes?

If the ABS light is also on you could have a failed wheel sensor. As Grahame says, the codes will help track down the trouble.

I remember from my car that you had to pull the park brake handle up till you felt resistance and then a little extra, press the button and put the handle all the way down. It took that little extra pull. Hope that helps.

Has far has warning lights might want to check under drivers seat wiring had same problem traction control. Was only whe I drove car with seat back my wife had it all way forward with no problems just a notion!