1998 XK8 Lowered

(Tim) #1

Hi to all!
I have a’98 xk8 that was lowered by first owner. I need to replace the shocks and struts.
Can I just use stock Bilstiens, or do I need short stroke shocks? Any help is greatly appreciated!

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Welcome Tim. You will need to replace the springs at the least, as far as the shocks you might as well go with the standard shocks while you are in there.

(Tim) #3

Thanks for the input. I’d like to keep the shorter springs. The car sits really nice. I get a lot of compliments at the car shows. Just need to replace the shocks but I’m not sure what will fit. Any Ideas anyone?
1998 Xk8

(Robin O'Connor) #4

Ok I mis-understood the question, the car dosen’t have struts, just replace like with like as far as the shocks are concerned.
Take them off and take them to a suspension supplier to match them up.

(Paul Wigton) #5

Depends: how much was it lowered?

(Tim) #6

The car sits 6 3/4 inches from the bottom of the rocker panel to the ground at both the front and rear.
Any body know the stock ride height? That way I can determine how much it was lowered. Thanks for your imput.

1998 XK 8

(baxtor) #7

Curb ride height is listed as 40mm front and 405 mm rear with full fuel tank. Measured from centre of wheel straight up to bottom surface of fender lip.

(Tim) #8

Thanks! I’ll check those numbers.

1998 XK8

(Robin O'Connor) #9

Hmm low rider :slight_smile: :)400mm?

(baxtor) #10

Thank you Robin. 400mm is correct.
In typing this very reply phone tried to drop the zero again.

(Tim) #11

OK, so using the curb ride height listed above, my XK8 is lowered 2 Inches or 50mm.
I’m reading 14 Inches (or 350mm) from center of wheel to the fender lip.

I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me solve this riddle!
The next question is do I need shorter shocks to run with these springs?

I’m trying to figure this out before taking the car apart so I can get replacements and
its not off the road for too long.

1998 XK8

(baxtor) #12

Standard shocks are still going to be fine.

(Robin O'Connor) #13

Don’t you just love technology? :slight_smile:

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(Stephen J. Niznik) #14

Do you have tire rubbing issues ?

(Bob Allen) #15

Hey guys,

If you do have rubbing problems, you may have over-size tires. The tires in the front

should be less wide, as that is common with over size tires being used all the way around.


Bob Allen

(Tim) #16

I’m running 245/40 ZR 19 tires all around. Never had a rubbing issue even with the car lowered
2 inches. They are mounted on custom rims of course.

1998 XK8

(Bob Allen) #17

Custom rims are saving you!

Bob Allen

(Tim) #18


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(Tim) #19

Here is my set up.

1998 XK8

(Stephen J. Niznik) #20

I have 245/50R17 all the way around on my 2000 XK8. I just checked the ride height and it is correct. Top of front tires rub top of fender liner at outer edge in hard cornering. New shocks on front.