1s almost finished...owner completely finished!

Hi all ,
Forum user tell me create car discussion.

2016 born son , buyed 1s '69 manual o/d sable brown.

Be patience my english + my exhaust status …car empty me and piggy bank.

Car works list here:

® repaired/refurbished
(N) new parts original equipment (aftermarket when wasn’t avaible only)

fuel thanks R
fuel pump R/N
radiator+expansion thank N
hoses N
belt N
clutch N
bushes N
bearings N
seals N
brake R
brake disc + pad N
handbrake cable + pad N
brake hoses rinforced + bridges N
steering rack +track rod end R/N
springs N
schock adsorber N
engine + rear support N
firewall and gearbor chassis insulation N
bonnet insulation N
exhaust manifold Painted (ceramic) R
alternator R
starter R
spark+cable+rotor+cap+contact+ballistor N
overdrive R
exhaust system N
tacho cable N
od/rear switch R
differential R
water pump R
engine chassis treatment N
thermostat N
viscous clutch N
valve gasket upper and lower N
SU carbu R
filters N
tyres N
washed and Painted AbouT all R

Crazy ? yes i’m. many errors in works , unfortunately come here late!

viscous%20fan%202 vee%20mounting


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Es un proceso: ¡sigue trabajando lejos!

Suggest you use GOOGLE TRANSLATE, then cut/paste message about how this forum can help

Suggerisci di utilizzare GOOGLE TRANSLATE, quindi taglia / incolla il messaggio su come questo forum può essere d’aiuto

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Your patient and comprehensive work speaks volumes for you, Fred - admirable!

Frank xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Those ball joints don’t look good. Need to upgrade to Lemforder ball joints.

As long they don’t have excessive play this can definitely wait?
Wish I had such a good SI. :slightly_smiling_face:

Those early style ball joints have lousy gaitors. Brand new, move the suspension to a limit of travel and these will pull open, letting water and sand in. In five years they rot and fall apart. I would not recommend even leaving them in while you complete assembly; it just makes them harder to get at later. The Lemforder ball joints, introduced with the XJ40, are one-piece ball joints with gaitors that have a couple of folds so they can move every which-a-way without pulling them open or tearing them.

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Yes, I have them (in the trunk) and wanted to put the lower ones in as well but the ring that is pressed in wasn’t easy to get out ,with 2 hours left I had to start putting things back together - but I estimate 2 hours to change the lowers if one is quick, and now that they are in it‘ll be fine for a while. I also like the later ones more.

Grea tjob Fed !!
You will have a fantastic car by the end…
Keep on the good work.

I agree, but It’s not such a big deal to change them in situ… let the poor exhausted Fred be !!

i come here late only in exhaust status , many errors in my work.
Kirbert these upgrade is interesting can you open a new topic about this ?
already in a old forum page?

Thank 'you all!

Come here late , and in a very tired step.

Yuor comments give ingition to me :raised_hands:

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Easy. The XJ40 and later have balljoints for the front suspension that are far better. You can’t set them, if they worn out just replace, and you do not need to grease them. The rubber boot is better because it does not crack.

All you need to do is to remove the old ball joint, drive out the steel ring that is inside the carrier and put the new ball joint in. I‘m sure someone has a picture. On the other hand, you will need this in five years or even later. For now you are good!


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Welcome and love your car. Actually, I love your shop even more.
Keep it up. You’re nearly 20% finished!

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thank you Dave i do drive now , more upgrade later…

Thank 'you Phillip! i haven’t a shop ! is a dear friend shop!!!

i’m only a crazy owner ! :exploding_head:

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Definitely I recall those days !!!

Fed. don’t worry as to the language. You do get the thoughts over aka communication.

My compliments. Great enthusiasm and work on a nice car.



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Last saturday , first start after 32 years!!!

Starting better that a 2019 new car!

however oil leaks:

  1. oil filter canister.

is like this photo old type. i do buy adaptor to new cartridge or found old oil seals ?


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I recall a discussion of the canister filter on, IIRC, a Triumph TR6. Between the engine, the inner fender, the chassis below and the steering shaft above, the housing of the filter could not be removed from the car! You unbolt it from the engine, get the old filter element out, put the new filter element in, and bolt it back on. Only way to actually get the can out was to pull the engine, or maybe disassemble the steering linkage. Of course, many owners just cut a big hole in the inner fender.

I’m mentioning this because, obviously, switching to a spin-on filter would have been a mistake in that Triumph – unless you cut the big hole in the inner fender. I’m not saying things are as tight in a Jaguar, just suggesting that you consider all the ramifications.

The SIII has cartridge filters and these work even with RHD.

Faced with restricxtions in engine swaps. Some created a device that bolted up and allowed hoes to mount the filter in a remote and more easily serviced location. ANC fittings and braided lies featured…