2 clear pvc covered wires?

Jaguar Mk2 ‘S’ model (also referred to as S type) 1964 Auto, BUT now MOD converted.
Can anyone tell me what the 2 clear pvc covered wires are intended for? they hang loose with stripped bare wires just behind the tacho. They are definitely part of the original loom/harness and are braided to about 2.1/2" from the ends. There is no reference to them in the wiring diagram and, at the moment I’m unable to trace the other ends of the wires.
Any help appreciated.
cabbage bill.

Could they be for Earth , have you checked ?

Are they not for the tacho?
Do you still have the original one with the generator on the back of the camshaft.

The wires for the completely independent isolated circuit for the camshaft driven tach circuit are BN Black Brown and BU, Black Blue. I have never seen any clear insulation on British car wiring.

Thank you for your input.
They are not earth wires, yes I have checked.

Thank you for your input.
The wires are not for the tacho, the original generator is in place and is wired with Black/brown and black/blue from the generator to the tacho.
I’m about to answer John_Quilter, I’ll add more info there.

Thank you for your input.
I’m impressed with the response from the forum.
The tacho is wired with the correct coloured wires.
The only wires I’ve ever seen to be transparent have always been speaker wires, normally joined/welded as a pair. The wires to which I refer are individual single wires, which are cotton braided as a separate pair from the harness/loom, total length from loom to wire ends is about 5", there is no way they are long enough to reach the back of the radio position or speaker position. I’m not new to old Jaguars and have a fairly good knowledge of the wiring and mechanics of old cars having worked on them for many years. I also worked for a company that made the wiring looms, because of this I can generally tell which circuit I’m dealing with just by seeing the wire colour coding.
This one is a real mystery! Once I have a battery on board I will probably find what they are for. It would be nice to know before I get to that stage though, I’m sure someone will know, I hope!!

What colour is the cotton braid ?

Thanks again for trying to help, it’s appreciated.
The cotton braid is black as is the whole loom, there are no tracer colours.
I’ll try to get a photo of the wires in the next few days.

Black wires are usually earth wires

Thanks for your advise.