2000 Jaguar S-Type

Hello my name is Jennifer, I live in NC. My 2000 Jag S-type was in an accident and I wanted to make parts of my car available to those who may need them. I loved my Jag and hate seeing it all tore up. Whatever parts you need if they are not damaged i will make available for a reasonable price. I hope this is aloud here. I want my parts to make someone elses Jag better!!! Its mostly front end damage.! I also have a driver side tye rod, upper control arm and ball joint available if needed. I was in the process of getting her straight.0319210859|375x500


Hi Jennifer, sorry to hear of the misfortune, this site has a classified for sale section which is where this should be posted.
Not sure what the protocols are, whether you have to reach a certain level of trust before you can post there.

Ok thank you ill get it on there if I can