2002 jaguar S type

my beautiful jaguar can’t change gears, remains in gear 1. has oil in the radiator. advise what to do please

If the oil in the radiator is pink/red then the trans cooler in the engine radiator has perforated, could be that you are looking at a replacement radiator and transmission.

Thank you.
Is it easy to find these parts?

thanks again Robin

S-Type sedans TO VIN M45254 have a cooler separate from other radiators for Automatic Gearbox and PAS.(part number XR83772)

The engine oil cooler is part of the oil filter assy and that is where the coolant can mix with the engine oil.

oh i see. so i can start by fixing this and see if my transmission can be ok?

First check what the transmission fluid level and colour is, it should be a pink colour if it’s dark then it is burnt it also should be up to the correct mark when it’s hot, this could be a problem if you can’t drive the car.

The radiator water is pure white, but engine oil is ok.

Radiator water is pure white. engine oil is ok

That’s a sign of a head gasket leak. There’s a product called TK leak check it draws gasses from the radiator through a fluid, if the fluid changes colour then there are exhaust gasses present.
If the trans fluid was leaking into the radiator it would show as a pink colour.

thank you again

seems there is nowhere to check the transmission level in this car

anyone who fixes transmission for S type 2002 jaguar?also my radiator is stuffed, mixing transmission and water. can it be fixed or anyone with 2nd hand?

A repair for your transmission really depends on where you are in the world, my recommendation from New Zealand is going to be worth diddly squat to you at a guess.
Have you check why the coolant is white?

oil/transmission cooler pipes bust