2002 XJR Air bag clock spring assembly

Hi. The warning light for the airbag is more on than off, so I have decided to replace the clock spring in the steering wheel. My question is…how skilled should you be to do this by yourself?? Grateful for all possible advises.

I would get the DTCs from the SRS module before throwing parts at it.

Are you sure the cancellation module is faulty?

The SRS module already has a fault logged. Cheaper to fix the fault than to start with parts replacement.

I’m 90% sure…sometimes when I take the steeringwheel up and down, the light goes off. Besides, I allready got a brand new unit. Previous owner bought it. I don’t have an Obd2 to plug in…(yet)

Not easy too change what happens if it’s not set when working on rack etc it over winds take care set in middle when connecting rack stearing wheel

When I had a similar problem on my 2000 X308 XJR, I found a wire underneath the steering column (towards the base if I recall correctly) had worn loose, probably due to the stress of the wheel elevating and lowering when entering and exiting the car.

Resoldering the wire cured it for good and never had the problem recur afterwards.


I’ll check it right down to the floor! Thanks!