2004 S-Type 4.2 engine removal

(William Hall) #1

Greetings all.
Has anyone had any experience removing the engine with the tranny attached?

Preparing for a test something broke and I have stuff hanging thru the crankcase. This makes it difficult to turn the crank to get to the bolts on the flex-plate.
On my MK2 I had to really tilt the motor to get it out. Now I find it easier to remove the front cross member and lift the front end.
What is the combined weight of the engine and tranny on this car? My hoist can manage the heavy 3.8 with transmission attached on the Mk2.
I am getting my ducks lined for when the better weather is here.


(Rob Reilly) #2

I’ve been on this forum since 2009 and I think you must be the first to bring up the topic of engine removal.
The JTIS says to remove the trans first. Then disconnect/remove a lot of other stuff and the engine comes out the top.
But if your crank is stuck and you can’t do that, my next guess is you have to do it like the factory installed it. All together with the front suspension and cross member, drop it out the bottom.
Take some pictures; we’d love to see them.