2005 S-Type Front and Back floor soaked with water

Water coming from the driver side front and back flooring, ac has not worked in over year, do not where the water leakage is?

I assume you’ve checked your door and window seals to make sure they aren’t leaking. If the door and window gaskets are sound - do you have a sunroof?

Blocked sunroof drain tubes are a common cause of leakage into the interior, especially if there’s leakage on the back passenger compartment floor. Other possible sources are blocked drains under the windshield (beneath the plastic cover.) If your A/C doesn’t work then the AC moisture drain probably isn’t the problem.


Yes, I do have a sunroof. I will have my mechanic check the window seals and make sure the window and door are sound.

Thank you

Here is an old TSB we got when I worked at the dealer.


S501-09am2 Water Leaks.pdf (424.6 KB)