2007 XKR Stalls at idle after heat soak, even in mild temperatures

When the issue started I had the throttle body, IAC & MAF cleaned and new filters installed. That didn’t resolve the issue. Next was a deep AUTEL software scan listing about 5 pages of blind fault codes. I was advised this was the PCM. I sent the DENSO PCM out to a module rebuild company. I received the module back after repair, reinstalled it and still have idle stall after heat soak. The car is a 2007 XK-R coupe with 65,725 miles. Module is Denso V8SC 7W8314C568BA

Sounds like a pretty complex problem to figure out. Without doing a lot of scan tool work, its hard to narrow down the culprits, but I’ll mention that I have seen coolant temp sensors cause some crazy issues over the years including endless fault codes and poor driveability. It may be worth replacing just to eliminate it as a possibility.

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