2008 X358 Rear Window Stop Light Failure

My location is Western Australia. Would anyone be able to provide me with advice, please regarding the replacement of a failed third stop lamp in my 2008 build LWB Super V8 Portfolio X358. The lamp is
mounted at the centre top of the rear window and despite looking on the
internet for related topics, I cannot find information about the following:

  • how to remove the outer cover (don’t want to break anything!)
  • how to remove and replace the lamp itself. I assume once inside it will be
    reasonably clear about how to remove the (presumably) failed stop lamp, but
    advice if this is not straight forward would be appreciated.
  • suggestions on where to source a replacement lamp(s) and are they LEDs?
    (This question is based on the assumption that genuine Jaguar spares would
    be expensive through my local independent Jaguar specialist and it might be more economical to source directly from the UK, genuine or otherwise).
  • If I test the lamp unit with a separate 12V source and find it to be OK,
    what next steps can a reasonably handy DIY person take to find the fault? If
    the lamp unit is OK and I cannot easily find and repair the fault I will
    have the matter examined by my independent Jaguar service specialist.
    Have just completed a nut and bolt restoration of my S2 E-Type FHC so I am
    reasonably hands on (just a bit shy of plastic bits which have a habit of
    breaking when you don’t know what you are doing). Any assistance anyone can
    give would be greatly appreciated.

Check fuse F48 5A in the rear power distribution box first.

Thank you, I shall ASAP.

Clearly a good place to start, but unfortunately F48 has checked out OK both visually and with a meter. Are you able to advise on possible next steps?

With a voltmeter have found a constant 12V on one pin of the fuse with zero on the other, whether the brake pedal is pushed or not. Suggests to me that power is getting to the fuse. Also still get two main brake lights operating when F48 is removed. Is F48 therefore the correct fuse for the brake lights or is it just the fuse for the third window mounted brake light? Any source of wiring diagrams you can point me at?

Figure 08.3 of this manual. http://www.jagrepair.com/images/Electrical/XJElectrical/2008%20MY%20XJ%20Electrical%20Guide.pdf
F48 supplies the brake light in the window only.
If you have 12v on one side of the fuse and nothing on the other side then it is defective.
The two rear brake lights will still operate as they are from a different supply.

Thank you, I have saved the Electrical Guide for future reference. As I would like to try to replace the LED lamp unit myself (either with an original or something else which will do the job depending upon what I find) can you advise me how to remove the cover to the unit which on my car is mounted at the top of the window. I have seen reference to just “pulling it down” but also to “tangs” and I did find pictures of what I think is the cover I have (attached), but with reasonable pressure it does not want to come away and I am cautious about breaking something. Plastic parts are not very forgiving.


Is a great source of information and the best place to find information for Jag owners!

Thank you for the extra information, but can’t find anything about the cover removal for the third stop light there at the moment. Will keep for future reference.