2008 XF smart key problems

Hi All, got a problem with my smart key, intermittently having to insert the key into the slot under the steering wheel to start it, sometimes it worked and other times not.
It eventually failed trying to open the doors but still started by putting the key into the slot.
went and seen my local Jag specialist and advised that I need to replace the door module and keys, this was a brand new part, after replacing these and getting them reprogrammed I could still not use these to open the car and have to keep putting the smart key into the slot, message on the dash is SMART KEY NOT FOUND.
after further investigation the aerials and all other modules were replaced, these were all second hand parts as he had these on the shelf and was not extra charge for me, there was a message that cam eon intermittently saying battery low, I have now got a brand new main car battery as I heard on other forums that this could cause a problem.
It got booked in with an auto electrician who checked all modules and found no problems.

if the smart key starts the engine by being in the slot does this mean that they are programmed or is this something I still need to look into? Don’t really know what to do next

If you got a battery low warning, that’s probably indicating the battery inside the fob is weak. I had a similar warning on mine which was easily fixed when I replaced the battery.

As for the key not starting the car, it sounds like it needs to be reprogrammed again. I know you said it was already done once, but it sounds like maybe the reprogram didn’t work correctly.

The low battery warning was on the entertainment system, saying low battery switch of the entertainment unit.

Thanks for the response, just need to find someone else to have a look, would it show up as an error when plugging in the diagnostics?

Not sure if it would show up on the scantool because the one I own is pretty basic. I’m looking into buying an elaborate one, but haven’t bitten the bullet yet.

there is a 2 pin plug that connects to the earth side of the battery. do you know what that is for? it has a bit of tape on it, peeled the tape off and the wire underneath does not look to good.

also there is a break in the wiring harness and a wire has been directly connected to the battery.

clutching at straws but is this anything that could affect it?

Got a pic? Sounds like someone has hacked up your wiring harness.

the broken wire is the one that plugs into the earth lead on the battery terminal. The other is the perm live they have cut into

I’m not sure if either is the source of your problem, but they certainly could be. If it were me, I’d have them both repaired either way. That earth lead is almost certainly going to give you problems at some point, and the other one could surely provide some of its own electrical gremlins. These cars have very sensitive electronics systems, so keeping them in top shape is a must.

Need to do a proper repair on the live wire, the earth wire is to short, need to see if I can get a new connector but where from I don’t know.

That blue/orange definitely needs attention. Looks like it got cut / sheared (maybe by accident)and then jammed back together in hopes no one would know