2013 xkr-s interior switches, nobs very sticky, help

2013 xkr-s sticky interior switches, nobs help

Hi Mark welcome to the forums, just to clarify are the switches sticky to operate or sticky to the touch?

t0uch. my fingure print show in them and the pictures on them are almost gone thought in was the hot sunnlight of the day but ever when its cold at night they are still sticky

Hmm I would hypothesise that they have been cleaned with something that has attacked the surface finish? New knobs may be in your future?

new nobs installed by jaguar are 2000 dollars and will be the same nobs. all the 80,s and 90’s ferrais had this problem and there are people that rebuild them. can’t believe it was a cleaner used nothing on them and have had it for a mounth. it seems to have started a couple weeks ago and is geting worst fast

They may be the same knobs but at least they will be new. Have you checked the usuals, SNG Barrett, Moss Motors/XK’s or David Manners?

i guess i’ll be taking a trip to the junk yard to see if i can find an xkr wreck with a good interior and see if it is sticky like mine. if it is i’ll no it’s a jaguar problem, if not i’ll buy it. it has to be cheaper than the jaguar parts department.

Try using face wipes, people with the same problem have reported good results.

The cause is from heat melting the coating the factory covered the switches and knobs with. There is a video on youtube of guys using alcohol and a swabs to remove this coating, and this will leave a piano black look.

Hi Mark

Yes, this is a frustation and is quite common, you’ve not done anything wrong, the switches have a top coat finishing paint call “soft touch”. the additives in this finish degrade over time to a gel like tacky feeling. I had it on my X351 XJ and now on the XKR. The tackiness can be safely removed using an orange oil based cleaner. I used Goo-Gone liquid and a soft clean cloth. You only need a few drops and a light massage to remove teh gunk. The buttons will lose their “soft touch” finish but will be left clean and smooth :slight_smile: