2018 brakes? xf wagon

I love the car and for the price point have had not much of any issues except brakes?
At around 11,000 miles my right rear locked down and ground the pad and rotor down.
No problem they replaced fixed something and away.
Now a month after my annual service, the right front at 17,000 cut into the rotor and would need 1,300 for front rotors and pads.
Hmmmmmm, I get 30,000 on my LR4 TANK and it weighs 6,000lbs.
I hardly brake and comutte 20 miles a day.
Is this where the quality starts falling apart?
My last car that I did brakes under 30,000 miles was my 1969 oldsmobile with drums…
Anyone else having brake issues.

Joey, is this a problem with having too many cars and they get jealous and need attention :slight_smile:
Sorry not having any real thoughts on the problem, my XJR eats brakes but thats because I track and do Targa rallies (high speed touring, not racing) on the standard brakes pads. The wifes commuter Mazda has just had its 1st set of fronts in the 6 years and 70,000 klms since we purchased it, the rears are about due.

They found a pinched flex line…
Replacing it all under warranty
10mm at 3 brakes 1 mm of pad on the pinched wheel!
So hopefully that’s that

That’ll do it…