$21,500 sale on Bring a Trailer

A last minute bidding war between two parties drove it from $14500 to $21500. Very clean looking car. Probably would have brought quite a bit more of they would have done just a little freshening up of hoses and gotten the AC working.

Pre-Facelift, low miles, great condition, just a little deferred maintenance required and he has a great car, I drove my 1987 coupe I bought on BaT (for a song a might add) and did a 100 mile round trip today, A/C blasting and it was sublime, reached some naughty speeds as well! The cars in good condition are slowly getting the recognition they deserve, where can you get a V12 for that kind of money, and they are not as much of a monster as most people think when you get to understand them.


In that one pic, the seller shows a “thickness gauge” being used on (the paintwork?) … How does that device work? :confused: I’ve never seen one before like it …

Just ask Bing!

Interesting. So w. that meter in the pic, it’s showing 10 mils thickness? If so, doesn’t that indicate a repaint? :confused: