$2800? - 'hey, you're a funny guy

Yeah sure !!! Paint blight. shredded veneer dash, no run… 500, mebbe…

Decades ago I was given a couple of back feed salvage cars !!!

Late 50’s Dodge slant six wagon. I advertised it on a throwaway. paper. A guy bought it. I told him of the back fees. He replied that it ran “sweet” and in his hood those technicalities were not an issue!! WATTS!!!

Mid 50’s MG Magnette/ Free. damaged front clip. back fees. I cut it down to the cowl and floor pan. added fat tires, well worn ones!! Gas welded roll bar. Presto faux dune buggy. Sold. A young couple delighted with it.
Saw it later, straw top. TIKI car. wit registered plates!!! Same little four as te MG roadsters, but with a single.
ran great…

60ste f500’s