3 1/2 Flywheel. New ring gear?

Has anyone found a new ring gear to have fitted to a 3 1/2 flywheel? Mine has two sections of badly worn teeth.
There is a flywheel on Ebay right now (from Australia) that may or may not be correct?
The flywheel in these photos was on the Mark V engine that was in #39064, and my “new” correct 1938 engine doesn’t have a flywheel.
Thanks. Daveimage image image

This is my understanding - more knowledgeable others may know better than I, however a six cylinder engine will stop normally on the compression stroke in one of three places, this is where the wear on the ring gear takes place, as there are 4 bolts on the flywheel, the flywheel can be rotated one bolt hole (according to the manual instructions) to engage different teeth on the ring gear, the flywheel should then have the TDC remarked,

I don’t know where a starter ring gear is available separate from finding them on flywheels.

Information may be found by inquiry with Alan Gibbins at Jaguar Drivers Club https://www.jaguardriver.co.uk/registers/ss

Another place to inquire is Worcester Classic Spares at https://worcesterclassicspares.com/

Davenport Cars may be of use at https://davenportcars.co.uk/

Finally, the early cars used flywheel C.445 followed later by C.445/1 and the Mark V used C.445/2. It may be that these are interchangeable, but I don’t know. If buying a used flywheel which is nominally correct, you may wish to know quality of the ring gears, flatness/balance of flywheel, and how much has been machined off the clutch facing since that alters the clutch engagement throw angles.

Thanks all - I appreciate the good advice. My flywheel has damaged teeth in two quadrants, so maybe somebody already tried the partial rotation tactic. Interestingly, I had already rebuilt the starter and the teeth seemed OK, and the starter worked fine before the teardown. I’m doing to look a little more critically at the starter teeth.
I’ve contacted the suppliers, plus Ed N, and I’ll let you know the results.
The flywheel teeth on an SS engine are machined into the flywheel with no separate “ring gear” - I was hoping to find a 102 tooth proper diameter ring gear, have the old teeth cut off, and shrink on a new ring gear as is normal with many later engines. Again - stay tuned for an update.

Though I cannot recall what flywheels I did that with…I did it. One I do remember was our Auburn Speedster.