3 1/2 Liter Engine Parts Moving and need Gone

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I am in the LA area. I am moving and need these items gone. Make me a fair offer and local pick up only.

3 1/2 liter engine block, Crank Shaft, pistons. Rods. Bearing caps. Timing cover. Oil pan. Believe all are standard sizes so no previous machine work done.

One piston is pitted and so is the cylinder. Looks like it was run with debris in the cylinder.

Crank looks good and should turn easily.


Specifically, which vintage 3 1/2 liter is this?


Plese quote the engine number, as that would tell which revision of the crank etc this is.

Also if I got it right this is ”bottom end” with no cylinder head nor any ”upper end ” parts, right?

For me shipping could be an issue, if you can, please quote shipping cost to Europe (Helsinki, Finland). Feel free to PM me for any further questions.


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D8418-8 is the engine number.

Sorry bit interested in shipping.

Hi Wiggles the 3 1/2 liter engines were installed in the XK120

But this one was installed in a Mk7M.

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The MK7 shares quite a few things with 120 engines with similar CC etc during that era. Remember these are British cars and they basically share everything. FYI the Rolls Royce uses the York A/C units as most popular British cars, gauges even the American 700R4 transmissions which happens to be a popular GM trans used in their vehicles including race cars and tractors in tractor pull competition etc… :blush:.

Sorry, nevermind, it’s a 3.4L XK engine, I was only interested if it had been a 1938-1951 pushrod engine.


… Which is why I asked, way, way back, which 3 1/2 liter engine it was!


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