3 D printer Brake reservoir floats

I’m posting a couple of pictures of brake reservoir floats that have been created by a friend on a 3 D printer. I was pretty fond of my wine cork substitutes, but really like the looks of these units and they work great. They were simple to attach by pushing the shaft of the switch into the center hole, then tightening a small set screw.

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You may need to do frequent inspections for a while to determine compatibility with brake fluid? Unless he gave you the material specs.

Has anyone used the reservoirs from XKs? They use a SS float. I need to swap a.t least one cap out as it simply turns without grabbing and sealing, so was looking at them

Regarding 3D printing the part. Using the color “Natural” is a good start as the OP did. Then, Nylon or PET (not PETG) filament should be fine in brake fluid and the temperatures.


I have, they are very well made. put them in a friends S2 a couple years ago. They need a different grey cover, but they look and perform just like the originals.
I thought they were very well made for the cost.
If I hadnt already replaced mine with new old style floats I would buy the XKS version.

Thanks much Bob. I appreciate the info and will order them when I get back into town. Will change them out when I replaced flex lines to the calipers and rebuilt the fronts.

David should know: he builds the BEST 3D printed E Type there is…:grimacing: