308 differential

Is a 1998 XJR differential a direct swap into a 1998 Daimler Super V8? I have been offered one but heard somewhere that the ratios were different. Sounds odd, as I had always thought the XJR and Super V8 had identical running gear.

Thanks in advance.



There are different ratios for different markets.
You can look up the part numbers in JEPC.


Hi Frankie, you can go to your profile and add your country flag to help identify where you are based in the world.

Thanks Robin.

UK car.

SNG Barratt only list one differential for the 1998 308 - no matter whether UK or Canada/Mexico/US. They give JLM 20770E (a supersession part).

Jaguar Classic Parts give JLM 20769E for a 4.0 litre after VIN 846052 for both the S/C and N/A. (My VIN is after 846052).


Pity you’re in the UK. I’m trying to get rid of this new old stock one for less than the postage would cost. I keep trying to list on ebay but it insists on GBP instead of USD for local pick-up


Shame. Is the postage prohibitively expensive?


That must be out of an earlier car? The one in my XJR has output shafts that are screwed into the diff housing.

Are you clearing out the garage?
I am currently waiting for an output shaft for my differential. When I receive that, we’ll see if the differential is repairable. Pinion and right hand output shaft were leaking. The bearing on the output shaft has become very hot. And there was not a lot of oil left in the differential.
I could do with a backup plan. But I guess the super v8 differential won’t fit my manual 3.2l.


The diff sold on eBay yesterday.

Great news! Hope you got a decent price.


Nope. Cuppla hundred. eBay has changed things around since I last sold stuff

Ouch. I was looking for used ones here in Germany. Nothing below 500.
I am still waiting for the output shaft to arrive, it has been stuck in customs for 3 weeks now…
This is slightly annoying, as I can’t get the car on the ground without the output shaft.