308 trans swap issue

(Robert Laughton) #1

Hello list,

I’m part way through swapping a good used rebuilt tranny into an XJ8.

When I removed the cooler lines I plugged them right away, thinking that if I didn’t lose any fluid, I could put the other trans in and not worry about the fluid level. Checking the fluid level is a pain, and I’ve never done it properly.

But, the fluid in the cooler is filled with black fluid, possibly contaminated from the failing gearbox.

So I was thinking to blow the old fluid out and carefully measure it, then put the same new fluid in.

How does that sound?



(Robert Laughton) #2

I’ve been doing a little searching. I found this


On page 2 and 3 there’s a bit about aligning dots. Is this for balancing? I was hoping not to remove the converter, and avoid the fluid spilling, but if this is a “must do”, then I will.



(Andy) #3

A rebuilt transmission is unlikey to have any oil in it ???

Just do it correctly. Drain the black oil. (the cooler doesn’t hold much anyway)

Do you have a dip stick and tube on them?

Fill with oil thru dipstick tube. At least 5 litres. Check qty required.

Start engine, for 30 secs to get fluid round. and stop. Add a bit more.
Start engine, and check fluid level with ENGINE running. (after cycling thru gears)