'38 SS Cubby Box Lining

(Rob Reilly) #1

Over on the XK forum they are talking about green flocking in the cubby box aka glove box.
What is correct for my SS?
Here is what was in there before I vacuumed it out, pink foam.

Here is my XK120 cubby box. The Mark V boxes have the same green stuff.

(Ed Nantes) #2

Early SS saloons had the glove boxes and tool trays flocked in black.
Obviously post war was green but I don’t know a particular change over point.

(Roger Payne) #3

I have no idea if the Black to Green change in Flocking Glove Boxes happened at the same time as Tool Trays, but for what its worth I have been doing extensive research into the detail of SS-Jaguar Tool Kits, including their Tool Trays, with things progressing quite well.

A new design TOOL TRAY was introduced for the 1938MY cars, and these were flocked in black (1936 and 1937MY tool trays were painted black), and these have been confirmed as late as August 1938 DOM cars.

But from at least Dec 1938 DOM, the tool trays were now flocked in GREEN, which stayed the same for all later SS-Jaguar, Mark IV and V, despite being a number of changes to the actual tool-tray design.

So best I can do is conclude the change from Black flocked Tool Trays to GREEN flocked Tool Trays happened at some point between August 1938 and December 1938.

Would love to hear from anyone with an original/unrestored Tool Tray from this unknown period.


(Rob Reilly) #4

Research is always worthwhile. My cubby boxes show no evidence whatever of flocking at all, just black paint on steel.
BTW do you have a confirmation of an earliest date for the change from black paint to flocking on tool trays?

(Roger Payne) #5

The Tool Tray concept was introduced for 1936MY SS-Jaguar, apart from the one-off SS1 Airline arrangement (which was moulded). Three variants for 1-1/2litre, slightly different for 2-1/2 litre and totally different for Tourers. These were all painted black, top side, underneath and bracketry.

For the 1937MY, still the same three variations, with slight changes only to the 1-1/2litre and 2-1/2 litre, Tourer staying unchanged.

For 1938MY a totally revised tool-tray design was introduced, but only the one variant - now common to both 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 litre cars, and these introduced BLACK flocking finish instead of the previous black paint.

IN all cases I use the MY (Model Year) terminology/demarcation as per Alan Crouch’s SS-Jaguar book, which gives exact dates and chassis number ranges.

And to date, available evidence of original/unrestored SS-Jaguar Tool Trays is consistent with these MY demarcations, as indeed as was the marketing/motor show release practice of SS Cars Ltd.

So until I get PROOF of anything at odds with above MY demarcations, I remain happy with these current conclusions, but always on the lookout for further examples of original/unrestored tool-kits/trays to reinforce, or indeed challenge these current conclusions.

(Ed Nantes) #6

I just had my old 1937 MY SS saloon tool tray out. and the tray and the glove boxes are both flocked in black. Although 1937 MY it was first registered on 6/11 1936. and bought at the UK Motor Show of 1936.

(Rob Reilly) #7

Got a pic of the inside of my cubby box. Unfortunately the glue some DPO used with his pink foam has ruined any chance of seeing any flocking. If it was flocked, it must have been a really thin coating.

Brr, -26F (-32C) out there today.

(Ed Nantes) #8

It was electrostatically applied. You can have the glove boxes and the tool trays done at electrostatic flock coaters, they run it with their usual line of knife and fork boxes etc. which means you only get the standard colours they use. But green and black are included.
People make the mistake of thinking because its furry it will hide imperfections

It won’t.