4.0 V8 1999 Firing Order

(Bert Brink) #1

What is the correct Firing Order for the S-Type 4.0 V8 1999 Engine? Found a lot of diagrams but most have differences!
Engine will be swapped into a 1977 Volvo 244, no electronics! (electronic DIY. ignition only)

(motorcarman) #2

All you need to know!!!

VSB_07_2004.pdf (2.9 MB)

(Bert Brink) #3

Thanks a lot for the answer and link!!

(Robin O'Connor) #4

As its Jaguar related are you going to keep the forum informed of your progress (please) :slight_smile:

(Bert Brink) #5

Shall do that Robin! Its a long term project and until now gathering all the info i need.
Already made a working (electronic) ignition. Used 2 1999 fiat panda ecu’s and the vacuum switches.
Want the 4.0 V-8 to be a stand alone engine without any electronics (except ignition)
No injection but run it on LPG (old style) perhaps a carburettor for cold start.
Gasoline here in the Netherlands is very expansive €1.60 - €1.70 per liter!! LPG only €0.70 per liter!
If i would drive the Jaguar on LPG i have to pay €200.- road tax a month! The volvo is more than 40 years old and free from road tax!
Just want to cruise the volvo and enjoy the Jaguar sound! No burnouts or racetrack etc.

(Robin O'Connor) #6

Hmm, 1NZ$ to .69euro currently
Petrol $2.30 - $2.55 litre depending on octane
Registration for 40+ years old $45nz
Insurance $165 Fully Comprehensive with glass replacement.
You certainly get hit in the pocket with road tax (registration here)